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Zhuzhou: closed from June 27 to July 4 extraction of Provident Fund loans and other services

Under the relevant provisions of the housing Provident Fund management regulations of the State Council, municipal housing Provident Fund management centres will be implemented on June 30, 2012 housing Provident Fund annual settlement and reconciliation, is expected to total settlement could reach about 100 million Yuan, 20 million more a year.
to protect the settlement and reconciliation work smoothly, by June 30, the deposit should be in default of payment within the housing provident funds remitted to account of time shared with the Center Ledger.
addition, from this month 27th to July 4, I city stop handle housing Provident Fund of loan, and extraction, and across province, and city, and County (City) Zhijian of transfer business, June 30 business end Hou, Provident Fund Management Center will unified for city deposit people knot meter interest, and print units on Bill, and units breakdown, units specialize in Member (handling people) can Yu July 9 to July 30 to Management Center received housing Provident Fund on Bill, "needed since with u, copies workers personal data, for check; And before July 31, and will check the Fund Management Center to collect. "


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