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Beijing banks hot unsecured loans first mortgages up to 85 percent

Central Bank interest rate cuts "boot" after the fall, banks ' credit policies also appeared to fine-tune. Press Advisory banks learned that Beijing first bank mortgage rate now stands at a minimum of 85 percent. Is inconsistent with the bullish market before most banks cautious about mortgage interest rates, some banks still keep its benchmark interest rate. In addition, the loan immediately found in the visits, in Chinese is not very popular in the past personal unsecured loan began "reappearance", Bank of China, the agricultural Bank, the Guangdong Development Bank and other banks have rolled out unsecured loans for working-class.
personal unsecured loan is hot??
over the years, personal unsecured loan business is favored by foreign banks, Standard Chartered Bank's "loans", Citi's "happy loan" to seize a lot of market. Recently reporters found that some Chinese seem to be wanting to get into this market, began to focus on promotional personal unsecured loans.
loans from the agricultural Bank at once informed that the Bank recently launched a "salary loan" personal unsecured loans. The xingke attendants said to reporters: "these loans are mainly used for personal use vehicles, home improvement loans, consumption and tourism. Loanable amount of 50,000 to 500,000 yuan, the specific amount to be determined according to the payroll and customer qualifications. "
Guangdong Development Bank's" confident a loan "consumer credit, after the rate cut was also of interest. The Bank's credit Department, told reporters: "from June 8, confident a loan interest rate adjustments for the monthly 1.25%. In the case of your debt, loans about 10 times of monthly salary. "
Huaxia Bank" easy gold "personal unsecured loan current customers can implement the preferential interest rates. The rows of gold account manager Miss Liu said to reporters: "customers on June 20 to submit their application before, approved and initial lump-sum fee, you can enjoy the preferential interest rates of 0.6% per month. "
Although these loans without collateral, without collateral, but for loan qualification requirements are relatively high.
"price according to the risk principle, banks personal unsecured loans required to assume higher risk, more strict with the qualifications of the lender, loan interest rates would be relatively higher. "Liu said," in General, the Bank required borrowers to be more than two years, after-tax annual income up to a certain standard, and have plenty of ability to pay. "
account manager of the credit Department of the ICBC said:" for us to do more stringent personal unsecured loan approval conditions. Requires that customers be senior civil servants or senior managers in the Fortune 500. "
home mortgage interest rate floating space!!!
in March this year, fast thawing credit financial first mortgage policy of banks in Beijing have conducted detailed surveys. First mortgage interest rates return to the base of the big four banks, joint-stock Bank does not follow to adjust mortgage policy for the time being, remained last quarter of mortgage policies of individual banks, implementation of the floating rate.
recently, as the Central Bank began easing credit, first mortgage lending rate again. Reporters in the interview that, at present agricultural Bank, Bank of Beijing, the postal savings bank and a number of bank customers against buying a House for the first time can give a minimum discount of 85 percent.
Bank mortgage customers rate now stands at 97 percent discount. Fengtai branch of the ICBC loan, a staff member of the Ministry, told reporters: "as long as credit not overdue, individuals with good credit customers are able to enjoy a 97 percent discount. "
loans from the Bank of China immediately informed that first mortgage customers the implementation of 90 percent of the Bank's current interest rate. According to media reports, the Bank has previously executed an 85 percent interest rate over time, and back to 90 percent interest rates in the near future. In addition, the 70 percent that they will reproduce the problem for the future, the parties still hold a negative view.
at present, bank loans of more than 5-year benchmark interest rate is 6.8%, after you hit 70 percent lending rate to 4.76%, below the current 5-year benchmark deposit rate 5.1%. In other words, if the banks perform the 70 percent discount for first mortgage, interest rate difference is negative, lending is actually losing money.