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Mortgage loan how to handle

Mortgage loan how to handle? Home equity loan refers to the loan in its own or third person's property as collateral to get loans from banks, for comprehensive consumption such as buying a car, buying a House, borrowers to staging or repayment of a credit to the Bank at once. But 10%-20% interest rate differences between different banks. For example, for personal housing mortgage loan in the revolving credit loan facility, same product 10%-20% between different banks interest rate differences, while credit use requirements and the use of credit means there is a very large difference. In addition, in terms of personal sources of repayment, individual banks there is a big difference, as some banks require borrowers to provide proof of Bank water sources of income, but some banks simply provide proof of other assets of the borrower, such as other properties, personal savings, equity funds, and so on.
by mortgage property of conditions:
housing of property to clear, meet national provides of listed trading of conditions, can into real estate market circulation, not do any other mortgage; age (from housing completed day up calculation) + loan years not over 40 years; by mortgage housing not included local city transformation demolition planning, and has property sector, and land management sector issued of property and land titles.
lender submitted material:
ID, account of the personal income (affix seal); business license copy (stamped); a marriage certificate; spouse ID cards, co-owner of the borrower; housing and a copy of the original, the original purchase agreement; total agrees and homeowners mortgage certificates and proof of loan use.
loan amount, term and interest rate:
mortgage loans starting amount of 5000 Yuan maximum amount shall not exceed the value of the mortgaged real estate assessment 70%, loan period does not normally exceed 5 years up to 10 years. Lending rates in accordance with the provisions of the rules of the commercial loan interest rate in the same period, favorable with clear, monthly debt, and so on.
at the same time, in order to effectively control the rapid increase in house prices, inhibit market flows of hot money, and effectively guard against inflation, CBRC has issued the interim measures for the administration of personal loans (draft for soliciting opinions), banking regulator understands from the applicant's qualification and enhanced personal housing mortgage loan purposes such as consumption management and risk prevention.
speed thaw credit financial reminder: when applying for mortgage loans, should have a clear purpose and time to borrow, this may apply to both solve the funding needs, and can minimize the borrowing rates of banking products.